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Either you buy phentermine online or offline, you should be well aware about its dosage instructions. As with many other drugs, the exact dosage is required for the drug to work properly. With other drugs like Klonopin and Levitra, this is a controlled substance meaning any use outside its prescribed limits may lead to severe forms of its addiction and withdrawal symptoms. The recommended dosage of this drug in the form of capsules is 15 mg, 30 mg, or phentermine 37.5 mg once daily. However these may vary depending upon your conditions and severity of the drug and as prescribed by your doctor. When taking in tablets form, the recommended dosage is 18.75 mg or 37.5 mg (one tablet) once a day. In many cases your doctor may increase or decrease the dosage depending upon your conditions.

There are a number of factors to be studied while knowing the exact dosage instruction and prescriptions from the doctor. These are known as follow:

  • Developing mild or severe phentermine side effects
  • Your response to this drug
  • Any previous medical conditions you have
  • Past medical history of yourself
  • Other medications and drugs taking along with this drug

As with the other drugs, never become self-efficient in adjusting the dosage by yourself, because this can only be done by your doctor in the most efficient and effective way so that you don’t develop any withdrawal symptoms. According to the doctors, the recommended dosage of this drug is 15 mg, 30 mg or 37.5 mg once before the breakfast in morning. If you are taking phentermine tablets then go for 18.75 mg (half tablet) or 37.5mg (one tablet) one time in the morning. As deemed appropriate your doctor may adjust eh dosage depending upon your craving levels and appetite.

Phentermine according to the drug manufactures is to be used only for a few weeks of treatment; its long term use has been reported with no effectiveness of the drug working on the body. Therefore it should not be used for a longer periods of time. The best ways to leave this drug should be given by your doctor so that you may not develop any side effects from this drug. Phentermine is a controlled substance meaning either you buy phentermine online or offline it has the potential to be abused and leading to addiction.

It can only be taken orally in the form of capsules and tablets. There is no other way of taking this drug. The medicine should be combined with a good diet plan and physical fitness program so that it does not result in any side effects. In order for the drug to work properly it is not recommended to buy phentermine online because if you buy phentermine online you may end up using the substandard quality of this drug thereby worsening your conditions.

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